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Who's Hot?
 Jesus won the league for the 2nd year in a row.  He averaged 1008/week.  First 1000+ avg since Ray in 2011 and first two-peat since Bill in 2000/2001
Bill won the overall game picking, beating out Ray by 1
Terry had the highest weekly score with 2270 in week 11
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Who's Not?
Joe went from winning the overall picking last year to last this year only averaging 6.41/week
Ray ended up last in the league and sidebets








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In Memory of
Howie Coates

(1918 - 2016)

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All Time Record Weekly Score from 2014

East Bay League    
Tom Coates    
QB Dalton Cin 700
RB Bell, Le'von Pit 700
WR Nelson GB 475
WR Gronkowski NE 100
WR Beckham NYG 175
K Gostkowski NE 120
RTN Austin StL 400
Total   2670


All Time Record Weekly Score from 2007

East Bay League    
Tom Coates    
QB Palmer Cin 400
RB Jones-Drew Jax 600
RB Peterson, Adrian Min 950
WR Berrian Chi 200
WR Crayton Dal 50
K Anderson, G. Min 125
RTN Hester Chi 400
Total   2670

Old Record Weekly Scores from 1998

East Bay League    
Tony Dean    
QB Cunningham Min 1125
RB Martin, C. NYJ 400
RB Hearst SF 450
WR Smith, R. Den 125
WR Moulds Buf 400
K Anderson, G. Min 125
Total   2625
Hayward League     
Howie Coates  
QB Cunningham Min 1125
RB Holmes, D. GB 300
WR Carter, C. Min 350
WR Johnson, K. NYJ 200
WR Sharpe Den 100
K Hanson Det 335
Total   2410

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