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Blackbeard, the Pirate (1952)  IMDB   
Genre Adventure/Adventure MPAA PG (Parental Guidance)
Director Raoul Walsh Rating 6/10
Writer DeVallon Scott Runtime 99 minutes
Producer Edmund Grainger Type
Cinematographer William Snyder Format DVD
Studio RKO Radio Pictures Disk No. 1/1
Language English Edition
Country USA UPC
Color Color    
Plot Summary


In 1674, reformed; pirate Sir Henry Morgan is a high official in Jamaica, but Edward Maynard hopes to win a large reward by proving Morgan still dabbles in piracy. Maynard goes undercover as ship's surgeon with a Morgan henchman...who's been supplanted by notorious Blackbeard himself. Also on the ship is Edwina Mansfield, seemingly a damsel in distress, to whom there's much more than meets the eye.

Summary written by Rod Crawford {}

Actor / Character


Robert Newton ..... Blackbeard, Edward Teach
Linda Darnell ..... Edwina Mansfield
William Bendix ..... Ben Worley
Keith Andes ..... Edward Maynard
Torin Thatcher ..... Sir Henry Morgan
Irene Ryan ..... Alvina, a lady in waiting
Alan Mowbray ..... Noll
Richard Egan ..... Briggs
Skelton Knaggs ..... Gilly
Dick Wessel ..... Dutchman
Anthony Caruso ..... Pierre La Garde
Jack Lambert ..... Tom Whetstone
Noel Drayton ..... Jeremy
Pat Flaherty ..... Job Maggot

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