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Bullwinkle Show, The (2003)  IMDB   Website
Genre Animation/Comedy MPAA NR
Director Rating
Writer Allan Burns Runtime 0 minutes
Producer Type TV Show
Cinematographer Format DVD
Studio Disk No. 1/1
Language English Edition
Country USA UPC 074645571690
Color Color    
Plot Summary


Main continuing story involved Rocky and Bullwinkle in conflict with spies Boris and Natasha. Other segments included "Fractured Fairy Tales", "Peabody's Improbable History" (smart dog Peabody and his boy Sherman get in the way-back machine), the "Adventures of Dudley Doright" (Canadian Mountie vs. evil Snidley) and "Aesop and Son" (odd telling of the famous fables).

Summary written by Ed Stephan {}

Actor / Character


Bill Scott ..... Bullwinkle J. Moose/Dudley Do-Right/Mr. Hector Peabody/Fearless Leader (voice)
June Foray ..... Rocket 'Rocky' J. Squirrel/Natasha Fatale/Nell Fenwick (voice)
Paul Frees ..... Boris Badenov/Captain Peachfuzz/Cloyd/Inspector Fenwick (voice)
Hans Conried ..... Snidely Whiplash (voice)
Charles Ruggles ..... Aesop (voice)
Walter Tetley ..... Sherman (voice)
Edward Everett Horton ..... Narrator (segment "Fractured Fairy Tales") (voice)
Julie Bennett ..... Additional Voices (voice)
William Conrad ..... Narrator (1961-73) (voice)

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