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Rollerball (1975)  IMDB   Website
Genre Action/Drama MPAA R
Director Norman Jewison Rating
Writer William Harrison (I) Runtime 129 minutes
Producer Patrick Palmer Type Movie
Cinematographer Douglas Slocombe Format DVD
Studio United Artists Disk No. 1/1
Language English Edition
Country USA UPC
Color Color    
Plot Summary


In a futuristic society where corporations have replaced countries, the violent game of Rollerball is used to control the populace by demonstrating the futility of individuality. However, one player, Jonathan E., rises to the top, and fights for his personal freedom and threatens the corporate control.

Summary written by: Jeff Hansen {}
Actor / Character


James Caan ..... Jonathan E.
John Houseman ..... Bartholomew
Maud Adams ..... Ella
John Beck (II) ..... Moonpie
Moses Gunn ..... Cletus
Pamela Hensley ..... Mackie
Barbara Trentham ..... Daphne
John Normington .....
Shane Rimmer ..... Team Executive
Burt Kwouk ..... Japanese doctor
Nancy Bleier ..... Girl in Library
Richard LeParmentier ..... Bartholomew's Aide
Robert Ito ..... Strategy coach for Houston team
Ralph Richardson ..... Librarian


(1975) British Academy Awards - Best Art Direction (win) ..... John Box

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