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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)  IMDB   
Genre Animation/Family MPAA G (General Audience)
Director David Hand Rating
Writer Dorothy Ann Blank Runtime 84 minutes
Producer Type Movie
Cinematographer Format DVD
Studio RKO Radio Pictures Disk No. 1/1
Language English Edition
Country USA UPC
Color Color    
Plot Summary


From the old fairy tale, a jealous queen attempts to get rid of her beautiful step-daughter, Snow White, who takes refuge with seven dwarfs in their forest home. The queen changes into a witch and tempts Snow White with a poisoned apple which puts her into an everlasting sleep, until a prince finds her in a glass coffin and awakens her with Love's First Kiss.

Summary written by: Anonymous
Actor / Character


Adriana Caselotti ..... Snow White
Harry Stockwell ..... Prince
Lucille La Verne ..... The Queen/Witch
Moroni Olsen ..... Magic Mirror
Billy Gilbert (I) ..... Sneezy
Pinto Colvig ..... Sleepy/Grumpy
Otis Harlan ..... Happy
Scotty Mattraw ..... Bashful
Roy Atwell ..... Doc
Stuart Buchanan ..... Humbert, The Queen's Huntsman
Marion Darlington ..... Bird


(1937) Academy - Best Score (nom) ..... Frank Churchill
(1937) Academy - Best Score (nom) ..... Leigh Harline
(1937) Academy - Best Score (nom) ..... Paul J. Smith
(1937) Academy - Best Score (nom) ..... Leigh Harline (Walt Disney Studio Music Department)
(1937) Film Daily - 10 Best Films (win) .....
(1937) National Board of Review of Motion Pict - 10 Best Films (win) .....
(1937) New York Film Critics Circle - Best Picture (win) .....
(1937) New York Film Critics Circle - Best Picture (win) .....
(1937) New York Times - 10 Best Films (win) .....
(1937) Venice Film Festival - Best Picture (win) .....
(1938) Academy - Honorary and Other Awards (win) ..... Walt Disney
(1938) New York Film Critics Circle - Special Award (win) ..... Walt Disney
(1938) Venice Film Festival - Competing Film ..... Walt Disney
(1938) Venice Film Festival - Great Art Trophy of the Biennial (win) ..... Walt Disney
(1989) Library of Congress - U.S. National Film Registry (win) .....
(1998) American Film Institute - 100 Greatest American Movies (win) .....

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