Stand Up - 1991 1991 - Stand Up comedy - I took a class from John Cantu about how to perform Stand Up.  It was a 3 week class.  Week 1 - Learn how to write jokes. Week 2 - Learn microphone technique and practice telling jokes. Since everyone else was practicing, nobody laughed, so I didn't know if anything was funny. Week 3 - Open mike night.  San Francisco bar on Union St.
BATS Improv - Chain Murder with Sex as the weapon 1993 - Tom Coates, Chris Brady, Tae Ahn & Karl Anderson.  Chain Murder is an improv game where you use gibberish to endow your teammates with 3 things - an occupation, a room in the house and a murder weapon.  When I was introducing the game, instead of asking for a murder weapon, I said 'something that would kill you" and someone yelled out "Sex".  I just love the look on Chris' face when she's looking at the audience with disgust...
BATS Improv - Solo Scene in Micetro 1998 - Tom Coates - Micetro is a directed Improv style.  This was a solo scene where I played a preacher doing a sermon on the sins of stealing.  I'll never forget when I asked the audience what happens when fish go to Hell and they all said: "They fry!"
BATS Improv - Theatresports - Ingrid & the Snow Peas 1995 - Workshop Players at the Phoenix Theater.  Tom Coates, Karl Anderson, Tae Ahn. Famous Swedish movie director shows movie clips from his masterpiece - Ingrid & the Snow Peas.  Lots of bad Swedish accents and lots of laughs.
Mystic Healing Man 1987 - A Song... A song about the powers of the healing touch.  A song about everything... A song to make you laugh. I'm not 100% sure anybody but a few people will really laugh because it's an inside joke, but it's very weird and strange.  I wrote it to spoof a good friend who claimed he had the healing touch.  I gave it to a weird musical genius named Scott Czadzeck and he made it his own.  Then we layered it under an MTV music video and it's been lost since 1987...  Click here for the lyrics.
Sufi Surfari 1987 - Another Song...  a companion piece to Mystic Healing Man.  This was during the Harmonic Convergence and I read something about the power of crystal skulls and I was inspired, as I often get... Again, Scott Czadzeck took one of the classic rock songs, Surfin' Surfari, and took it to the next level. He was way ahead of his time... Click here for the lyrics.
Logo Survivor 2001 - The sort of true story of how OSIsoft picked the new company logo.
Making of Logo Survivor 2001 - Interview with Tom Coates about the making of Logo Survivor.
Emperor Penguin Nightmare 2004 - This is my audition video for a failed reality show called Freddy Kruger's Nightmares.  Supposedly, the actor that played Freddy Kruger was going to come to your house, you'd tell him your nightmare and then they would recreate it on a Hollywood soundstage.  They had 5000 people show up in LA, but I guess they didn't get enough good nightmares.


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